Farm tour

Farm tour

Would you like to come and visit our farm and experience the countryside our way?
                                                                                           …enjoy our FARM TOUR!

The family farm is located near Rome, around 40 km from the Relais donna Lucrezia, in Sabina, famous since ancient times for the production of extra virgin olive oil. Today there is a sheep farm, whose milk is taken in the dairy and transformed in cheese and ricotta. We work in a traditional way to produce fresh caciottas and pecorino cheese. We also have more than 5,000 olive plants! The harvesting is carried out between October and November and the olives are cold pressed on the same evening, to preserve the freshness.  Within the Farm there is also a hen-coop with more than 100 hens bred in free-range, scratching about within the farm, fed with natural products and producing the eggs that we daily use to prepare your breakfast. Without forgetting pigs , from which we produce salami for our aperitifs. Next to the farm we also have a restaurant where you can have lunch!

If you are interested in a farm tour, here are the prices:

1) Leave from here at 10:30 am and see Farfa Abbey (close to the farm)
then go and visit the farm. After this, have lunch in our restaurant there with all our products and then come back to Rome.
More or less from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
Euros 275 for 2 people , 350 for 3 people and 400 for 4 people.


2)Leave from here at 11 am then go directly to the farm. After visiting the farm, have lunch in our restaurant with all your products  and then come back to Rome.
More or less from 11 am to 3 pm
Euros 250  for 2 people, 325 for 3 people and 375 for 4 people.

The price includes transfer, tour and lunch. 
For availability send us an email!

In Rome we encounter traces of a magnificence and a destruction that are both beyond our comprehension.

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